Compagnie emmanuel grivet

Danse contemporaine toulouse

Danse contact improvisation

Improvisation écriture instantanée

Cours stage danse contemporaine

artistic director

Emmanuel Grivet


Cecilia Colacraï (Argentina)

Sylvie Nova Commagnac (France)

Jordi Cortès Molina (Catalonia)

Emmanuel Grivet (France)

James Carlès Nganou (Cameroon)

ou Olga Gutiérrez (Mexico)

Adil Kaced (Morocco)


Adil Kaced, Cheb Mami

light design

Pierre Gille

production company emmanuel Grivet


Ville de Tournefeuille, DRAC Midi-Pyrénées,

Région Midi-Pyrénées,

Conseil Général de Haute-Garonne

l’Estruch Sabadell,

Convivencia Pyrénées-Médterranée


piece for multifaceted performers

creation 2012 - duration 50 minutes

video (extracts)

One, two, five, ten, twenty ... ?

How many faces in an object ? For a person ?

Depending on the angle of view, on the position, on the light or the background, so many looks as possible... Does sensitivity, interest, culture change also what is being viewed ? Coca-Cola, Al Jazeera, Sony, the same objects, the same references, the same way in Barcelona, Mexico City and Marrakech ...

Faces, some artists from various origins travel around the question : identity as multiplicity or unity ?

Faces, six points of view about a shared reality.

Faces brings together six artists from different nationalities and cultures who confront on stage with the theme of identity.

Moving from performance to dance show, the piece is nourished by the singular courses of each artist, and mixes choreographies, improvisation, dialogue and autobiographical elements.

Specific expressions balance with common moments in a sleek staging and using symbols of globalization and cultural elements from each areas – the Maghreb, France, Catalonia, South America, Africa and Mexico -.