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Emmanuel Grivet


Emmanuel Grivet

and 3 guests


company emmanuel Grivet

Is a living show the result of an artistic process or a process itself ? What is the « work » to make a dance piece ?

Can we – and must we – reveal the secrecies of manufacture, the intimacy of the processes and the personal making, the know-how and the complex ways taken to set up a creation ?

Improbabilities and imposture is a possible answer (crazy of course) to such questions : an improvised dance piece about the making of a dance piece. For real.

For this purpose, Emmanuel Grivet set the meeting of four people who have none common experience, even who don't know each other, joined together for the opportunity and embarked in this improbable adventure. Utopian meaning of instantaneous composition, exposed precarious balance of the flesh and the soul, funambulism... they all lend themselves to the play, close to fire, beside the laughter and the risk...

Of course a pre-established frame, some distance and humour, moments of question, of researches, some failures... everything which makes a creative process presented on stage.

Neither choreographic workshop, nor rehearsal of a show, nor didactic comment on the subject, Improbabilities and imposture has the taste of a piece, the appearance of a piece, the flavour of a piece,… and would like to be one...

Did you say imposture ?

Improbabilités et imposture

quartet improvised, piece for one invited dancer and two spectators

creation 2003 and 2008 – duration 20 minutes