Compagnie emmanuel grivet

Danse contemporaine toulouse

Danse contact improvisation

Improvisation écriture instantanée

Cours stage danse contemporaine

conception and scenography

Emmanuel Grivet

dance and choreography

Chloé Caillat, Marie-Pierre Genard

Emmanuel Grivet, Marinane Masson,

Olivier Nevejans

DJ and sound improvisation

Isabelle Cirla

light improvisation

Myriam Bertol


Cédric Le Borgne

production company emmanuel Grivet

coproduction Centre Culturel Jean Gagnant, Scène conventionnée pour la danse, Limoges

grants and financial help

la Ville de Tournefeuille,

la DRAC Midi-Pyrénées,

la Région Midi-Pyrénées,

Red Notes / Cie Andy De Groat

Voici (Here is). Five dancers unadorned, without scenery, right there exposed.

They relate their intimate history, collective memory, their links. Men, women, right there, with their laughter, their movements, their vulnerabilities ; they meet, avoid, love, hurt themselves and confront. Given to see, feet in the ground and dreams in the sky.

Voici, simple and unpretentious presentation of what is their history, today, five dancers, a musician and a lighting designer, cope with the unexpected, the unknown, of a moment.

Voici (Here is). Aerial beings, transparent and dense, punctuate time. Mysterious presences and familiar creatures from another world, another place, angels maybe. They are always there, often invisible.

Look: here, sometimes they join together, naked and bright. The flesh and the earth, the music, the unspeakable: life simply.

Voici (Here is). For you.

Voici (here is)

improvised piece for seven interpreters and three sculptures

created in 1999, recreated in 2003 and 2007 and in 2016

duration 45 minutes

musical slideshow