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Danse contemporaine toulouse

Danse contact improvisation

Improvisation écriture instantanée

Cours stage danse contemporaine

production company emmanuel Grivet


Ville de Tournefeuille,

DRAC Midi-Pyrénées,

Région Midi-Pyrénées

Warning of gale of dance force 6 or 7 on and around the city

from our correspondent on the spot.

The local weather station announces a front of choreographic quite violent disturbances on the whole city. Progressing in the north-south direction, with summer temperatures and an area of high pressure, especially on busy roads. Characterized by a sudden increase in swimsuits, the spontaneous emergence of umbrellas, chairs and swimmers in unexpected places, with abundant rainfall of public in these places, this phenomenon causes changes in movement of people and vehicles on the street, moments of distraction unproductive disturbing mobs . It can even cause the unwary bystander in a tanning session of feet or in a game of badminton with no return. Persistent bursts of music can also be observed.

For the sake of safety of the population, the municipality decided on the preventive start of the plan "O.F.F.W.A.T.E.R." to quickly contain any overflowing, and recommends the utmost caution in approaching disruptive inciting to dreams and poetry.

(1) choreographic disturbances : modification of the atmosphere of a city characterized by the appearance of dancing bodies in the middle of the urban space, threatening the peace and public order, and causing stasis in the flow of communal activity.

La plage (The beach)

choreographic disturbance

created in 2003 – duration 1 hour

conception and artistic direction

Emmanuel Grivet


Marie-Pierre Genard

Emmanuel Grivet

Pierre Martin

Hélène Peureux