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atelier chorégraphique






professional space

Compagnie emmanuel grivet

Danse contemporaine toulouse

Danse contact improvisation

Improvisation écriture instantanée

Cours stage danse contemporaine

directed by Marie-Pierre Genard and Olivier Nevejans

L'Atelier Choréraphique, a project of the emmanuel Grivet company and the city of Tournefeuille, offers to a group of amateur dancers a practice around improvisation and the artistic approach of the company.

He carries on a regular research work throughout the year and regularly presents interventions in the public space, in studio and in theatre during cultural events in the city or in a more "wild" way : inauguration of an exhibition, Concerts of the Market, Fête de la Musique…

It is organized around a theme that crosses the season, guides the work and directs the performances.

Its participants are engaged on monthly sessions and interventions scheduled in the year (or only some, depending on the availability of the dancers). Minimal regularity is required in order to allow group dynamics and to develop connivance and artistic complicity among the participants.


atelier chorégraphique