Carte Blanche #9

improvised music and dance evening


We do not introduce Joëlle Léandre anymore. Interpreter, composer and improvier, eclectic explorer of the musical field for more than thirty years, she has played her double bass across the world on all the scenes of the improvised music of which she is one of the most fierce ambassador. Not content to explore the original and unexpected expressive possibilities of her instrument, she was the first to make it one of the solo voices in the field of music in the same way as the violin, the piano or the saxophone.

The emmanuel Grivet company is pleased to invite this great artist and researcher for whom improvisation is as much a way of life as a commitment of artistic life but also social, political and human. Joëlle Léandre will be in duet with emmanuel Grivet, on November 29 at the Escale de Tournefeuille as part of the project Cartes blanches / Musique et danse improvisée.

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crédit photo  : Gert Vandepoele / Camille Chalain

Nov 29th, 2018, at 7:30 pm

 L’ESCALE, Tournefeuille

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from the bathroom to the beach...

creation 2018/2019

L'Escale - Cabaret is a choreographic proposal that invites a multi-faceted encounter between the audience and the actors-dancers through a form offering to live, to experiment and to share in the same evening 3 common positions in relation to the dance: to watch it (to be a spectator), to practice it (to be an amateur), to share it in a festive way (in balls and parties, to be a guest).

The evenings of L'Escale - Cabaret invite the public both to watch the dance, through Small dance pieces presented throughout the evening, and to experience it by individually participating in very simple dance proposals. in a Contemporary ball, and to enter the dance in a free and joyful way, in a Dance-floor, a festive space where dancers and musicians are suitable for the spect-actors to share common moments of crossing, encounter and contamination of all the dances.

saturday 6 of April 2019 at 8:30pm

sunday 7 of April 2019 at 4:00pm

L’Escale, Tournefeuille

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for dance and music improvisation

opening to the audience

from 5:00pm till 6:30pm

The sessions are open to the audience in the end of each day to be wisdom the explorations and to comment, react and exchange with the artists.

Grand Studio - Ecole de Danse

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The emmanuel Grivet company invites dancers, performers and musicians from Toulouse, from France and around for three days a month laboratory, in order to explore and meet about improvisation, instantaneous composition and performance.