Compagnie emmanuel grivet

Danse contemporaine toulouse

Danse contact improvisation

Improvisation écriture instantanée

Cours stage danse contemporaine

choreography and interpretation

Emmanuel Grivet

artistic assistant, text and voice over

Fabrice Guérin

sound creation

Duo Cirla-Trolonge

light creation and manager

Myriam Bertol

sound manager

Romain Mercier


Sylvie Commagnac

This solo by Emmanuel echoes his first play La Trajectoire du Fou (1993-94) and revisits the themes of identity and otherness more than twenty years apart by confronting us with this question : Finally what does one know of a being? And, what do we really know about ourselves ? At the same time a working drawing of a life path and the sum of accumulated experiences, the piece offers a condensed dance passed through the sieve of the years.

Through an imaginary biography, Résonnance(s) presents a character in transition inhabited by existential thoughts. The spectator, led from traces to clues and from snippets to evocations, discovers the framework of this singular life trajectory.

production company emmanuel Grivet,

with the coproduction of Ville de Tournefeuille

state subsidies

Ministère de la Culture / DRAC Occitanie

grants for creation

Région Occitanie,

Conseil Départemental de Haute-Garonne

creation residencies

K-Arts Seoul, Theatre Golovine Avignon,

CND Lyon, L’Escale Tournefeuille, L’Estruch Fàbrica de Creació de les Arts en Viu Sabadell


solo 50 minutes - creation 2016

teaser video